Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's a Spring Thing!

A creative #nature activity do make with your kids...enjoy the sun! #spring

Today I'm linking up with the Astleigh and Rachel to share spring decor! Although ... I don't really have a ton of springy decor in the house this year, I did recently add some spring to our yard, in the form of bright flowers!

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with gardening. On the one hand, I love pretty flowers and a bright, beautiful yard. However, I kill all plants and get frustrated with buying annuals every year, only to see them die. Someday I'd like to hire a landscaper to have them plant beautiful perennials that we don't have to worry too much about, but until then I made my annual "annuals" haul and lowered them into our  planters in hopes they last at least through the summer ...

We have a few planters in our backyard and one in the front. I love these pretty little yellow florals next to our welcome sign.

Close up shot of our wedding rocks. My aunt painted our monogram onto tons of beach rocks and we still have a lot leftover. I love catching little glimpses of them in our planters!

Then onto our backyard! We have some rustic pots I always fill every year. Last year, I planted some gardenia bushes, hoping they'd become a yearly favorite and I'd never have to plant anything again. Yet they died #oops. So this year I tried my hand at some new beauties.

Love sitting on this bench in the sunshine while the kiddies play ...

What do you plant in your garden!? Do you have any "fool proof" plants that are must tries? Our raspberry crop is about to bloom as well! Can't wait for some fresh berries starting in June!!


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