Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Help! Four-Year-Old Birthday Cake Ideas Needed!

Watercolor Wednesday: A party without cake is just a meeting!

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday. Today's topic? Favorite parties!!! This is a timely topic for me because Lila's fourth birthday is in two weeks and I have ZERO planned ... (cue the tears!!!). We aren't going to do anything crazy, just a small party with family, but I would like to have a fun cake and a theme or some sort. 

Let's just put it out there that I am NOT a creative baker - especially when it comes to decorating. When you see the Pinterest fail pictures, those are probably mine. BUT! Last year, Lila told me she wanted a "three" cake and I pulled off a pretty cute one, using two bundt cakes and a lot of instructions from Pinterest. 

Check out this sweet three year old!!!! A paper crown and chocolate cake with sprinkles? PURE joy!

So this is about as creative as I get ... any ideas for a great fourth birthday cake?? 

Frozen is obviously HUGE in our house ... perhaps store bought is my best option! I'm excited to see what other kids' party ideas everyone else has ... 


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  1. So cute birthday cake! The idea was just fantastic. I also think that a party without cake is just like a meeting. We celebrated our daughter’s 5th birthday a few days back at her favorite event space San Francisco. You know we had ordered frozen cake for her birthday.


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