Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heart Happy ...

There's been a lot of little things making my heart happy lately ... here are some of my recent favorites!

+ Toes in the sand. Nothing better! We are so lucky to live near the water.

+ Drinking my coffee before it gets cold. (Rarely happens, so when it does - such a treat!)

+ Lila and I singing our little hearts out to the radio!!! My sweet girl knows ALL the words to any current pop song - it's hilarious! THIS  is our current favorite song to rock out to! (Lila's not allowed to say shut up, but I make an exception for this song - it's so catchy!) 

+ Freshly painted nails.

+ The leftover hint of a tan. It's funny how much better my skin looks after a little sunshine.

+ New stationery, including these cute mechanical pencils! (I don't think I've used a mechanical pencil since high school algebra!!!).


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