Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday favorites: vacation edition

Happy Friday!! And happy May 1! Whew. What a whirlwind to get us to Friday. Wrapping an amazing vacation, going back to work (sniff sniff!!) and in general getting back into the home routine. And although it's nice to sleep in our own beds, I can't say I didn't wish we were still relaxing by the pool... If you follow my Instagram (@kkgisme) you would know we were in our full desert glory for the last almost two weeks - tons of sunshine, pool and sights to be seen. We enjoyed tons of fresh citrus and in general are way too much. In short, is it too soon to retire?!!

So, I give you my Friday vacation favorites: 

1. Pool time - nothing better!!!

2. Seeing the Sights. We went into the old town of La Quinta one day and popped into the gorgeous La Quinta resort. Look at these beautiful tile staircases! And Owen is kinda cute too!

3. Fresh cocktails!! We had happy hour every night and Grant was quite the mixologist, making up delicious cocktails using the fresh fruit. 

4. Beautiful Flowers - our house had the most beautiful roses in bloom and we cut fresh bouquets to display around the house. I never put fresh flowers in my bedroom at home (likely due to visions of one of two toddlers dumping the vase water over onto my cell phone or something), but I may just have to start! 

5. And, more citrus. Ok I have been going on way too much about the fruit and it's probably a grass is greener situation (since Washington does have great produce!), however, having fresh oranges and grapefruits straight from the trees each morning was an amazing treat!! 

Alas, we will get away again soon, but for now I can look back on our pictures with fabulous family memories. 


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