Monday, May 18, 2015


Happy Monday! I'm sitting here wondering where the weekend went - it truly flew by, leaving a sink full of dishes, a messy house and me needing a nap ... But those are usually signs that lots of fun was had, right?

We had early birthday celebrations for Lila and her cousin yesterday, since their birthdays are a week apart. Poor Lila came down with a fever Saturday but tried to rally and had a good time despite not feeling great. Owen was a total clown as usual though, squealing with delight and double fisting pieces of cake. 

Lila perked right up when she saw her Auntie had brought her a Frozen cake with Elsa!!!! 

Owen couldn't get enough of the blower horns ... he'd blow them and LAUGH! So cute.

Then all the kids decided it would be hilarious to attack Papa with the blowers! 

The rest of the weekend we hung at home and relaxed in our backyard. Each of the kids has their own "kiddie" sized lawn chair this year. Here's Lila putting her feet up after a long day!

And me and Owen saying "CHEEEESE!" (yes, I'm crammed into Lila's chair, and yes, Grant dressed Owen ... haha). 

Happy Monday!!

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