Thursday, May 28, 2015

Aquarium fun

It's a joke among our friends and family how often we go to our local zoo, but it's a great place for the kids to run around and once you've been there enough you don't feel like you have to cram seeing everything into one visit. But! There's another zoo and aquarium about an hour from our house that we'd never been to and they have a South Pacific shark / tropical fish exhibit that we'd been wanting to see! We decided to make the trek last weekend despite the long drive. Sometimes an hour car ride with our crew isn't very fun but they did pretty good. Family selfie first of course!

First stop - sting rays! You could reach in and touch them, which Lila was not sure about to start, but we gathered our courage and touched the pretty blue polka dotted one below. 

Then off to the tropics! SHAARKKKK! I'd never seen a shark before! This was a small one - but still!

Owen kept shouting "KARK, KARK!" as they swam by ... 

I LOVE tropical fish! Here's Lila pointing out that she found "Nemo." 

We also saw giant walruses and a Polar Bear too! 

"Cheeeeese" from the boys! 

We made a list of activities we want to do this summer, so it was fun to kick off the first "long weekend" of summer (ok it's technically not summer yet) with a new activity. 

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