Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Finds

April.. The month my beautiful daughter Sarah was born... My Bear she will forever be my bear bear...Even though she has become a beautiful women! I love her and miss her tremendously!!!!

Happy April!! It's the start of another month and another month closer to summer! I don't know about you, but I love spring shopping. After a cold winter, it's so nice to see bright springy clothes and shoes hit the shelves! Here are some fun spring finds I've purchased lately ... 

Bright Tennis Shoes. I never wear tennis shoes. My parents used to always yell at me for wearing flip flops in the winter, and now my husband is always slightly irked that I'm usually wearing the wrong shoe choice for a long walk / impromptu hike, etc. THESE, however, I find adorable and I'm fully willing to admit I only bought them because of their name - "The Palm Springs Collection." Naturally, yes, I'm someone who buys tennis shoes online without trying them on first, because of their cute name. Thankfully, they are super comfortable as well! It's hard to tell from my pic, but they are bright green with pink and black accents. 

Strappy Sandals. I always buy a few new pairs of sandals every summer and even though these are from Target they are very comfortable!! And you can't beat under $20. 

Easter Dress? I love summer dresses that are cute, not too hot in the warm weather, but are also appropriate enough to wear to work. This may just be my Easter dress, paired with a little denim jacket and some sandals? (Although the weather's looking a little cold here for Sunday, so who knows ...). This was also under $20, on sale from Old Navy!

Countdown to summer ... 81 days!!!!


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