Thursday, April 23, 2015

Names & Personalities

I posted earlier this week about baby names and how we chose our kids' names, but it got me to thinking - have you ever learned a person's name and thought "YES, that person does seem like a _____."

Long ago, we played this funny game in my office (it was an office of all 20-30 something women if that tells you anything), where we decided what name each girl looked like (like if you had to guess someone's name just by looking at them). They decided I looked like a "Courtney" or "Brooke." Ha!! So fun. Do you feel like your name "fits" you?

I love looking up horoscopes and name charts, and this link totally caught my attention! First name meanings! 

For instance, here's what it says for "Kaitlin" - 

"Generally cautious and wary, but this isn't always obvious since they appear cheerful and light-hearted most of the time (true!). However, they are actually quite introverted (true again!) and tend to keep their problems to themselves. They like to show their best side and hate to bother others with their problems. This could mean that their external appearance contrasts with their true personality and they seem more easy-going than they really are. 

They were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd (ding ding!), or 31st of the month." 

This is so true for me, AND, I was born on the 22nd.

What does it say for your name? Is it spot on? Do you think names can influence our personalities? 

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