Monday, April 13, 2015

Good Morning!

Motivate Me Monday- Sick Days

Trying to stay positive around here and think happy thoughts! As if we hadn't been hit hard enough lately, Lila started puking yesterday. H-E-L-P!!! And Grant is out of town on a work trip. If there were a magic "reset button" to push, I would hit it over and over.Thankfully, we made it through the day and I'm hoping it was just a 24 hour thing that nobody else catches. 

Deep breaths - we'll be on vacation soon. 

Anyway! Despite our Sunday, the rest of the weekend was enjoyable! 

We had a little Thai food and despite my dedication to coffee, I ordered a Thai iced tea. If you haven't had one, you must try - they are creamy, sweet and delicious! The ginger salad wasn't bad either (not pictured, two giant platters of Thai noodles. 

On Saturday we had a "bulk celebration" with Grant's family to celebrate several birthdays this month. We feasted on brunch, drank lots of coffee and even played in the yard. 

I've always wished I were a morning person. I've never been one to spring out of bed despite my wishes. However, this weekend, I got up and ready early to get brunch going. A little Saturday morning baking? Yes! 

And got a crustless quiche in the oven ... 

And of course, playing in the yard is pure joy!

Sunday there wasn't much time for pictures ... Lila made it to the park in the morning before getting sick, and this sweet girl, who ALWAYS drags her feet when it's time to go inside actually asked to go home after about 10 minutes. And since we weren't quite ready to go yet, she then sat on a park bench and watched until Owen was ready to go! That should have been my first clue - poor girl felt so crummy! 

Sunday night, this was my view - bathtub, last week's People (yes, I'm behind), and Easter candy. Much needed after a not-so-enjoyable day. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


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