Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favs!

Needed to be added, especially that it's just 12:14 on a boring Monday afternoon. #Monday #quotes #Friday
why yes, yes it is!! (image)

Happy Friday!! It's feelin' like spring around here and I just love it! Open windows, sunshine, warm breezes. It's the best. ALSO! This is the final countdown to our vacation! Hooray!

This weekend we're having a family brunch to celebrate many April birthdays and then Grant is leaving on a work trip bright and early Sunday so this Mama will be flying solo with two crazy kiddos. #sendhelp

Here's what we've been up to this week...

+ Summer Nights. Ok, so it's not summer yet but we've been having such nice weather that every night after dinner we head to the yard to play. It's so nice and the kids love it! It's also nice for them to get a big dose of fresh air before bed - puts them right to sleep! 

+ SICK of being sick. I tell ya. This winter, Lila's first in preschool, has been BRUTAL! Here I am, finally going to the walk in clinic this week after having the WORST cold ever going on 10+ days. They even made me wear a mask! I must have looked fabulous ;) The worst part? I was diagnosed with "a bad cold on top of another cold." Aka, nothing to help. Thankfully it's FINALLY going away, but I noticed Lila was a bit sniffly again this morning. UGH! Anyone have any tips to fend off the preschool germs? 

+ Tulips! Every spring we have beautiful purple tulips bloom in our lower yard and every year I get so excited when they  seemingly appear overnight!! 

+ Vacations. Speaking of vacations, in anticipation of heading there next week, earlier this week I shared one of my favorite family getaways we do every year. There's always something special about somewhere you've gone for years, and it's my happy place!

+ Cheeese! Owen's officially a goofball and loves to make people laugh. Here he was chewing his sweet potatoes all crazy and then LAUGHING so hard he got really bad hiccups! It's just so fun to be a toddler! 

+ Coffee Treat. The other day Lila "begged" for a Happy Meal for dinner. Grant wasn't home, so I figured what the heck. While we were there, I decided to get my own treat - a blended coffee!! Gasp! From McDonalds? The coffee snob in me does not approve ...however, I must admit - it actually was pretty good and only $2! I won't be adding this to my weekly coffee trips anytime soon, but when in Rome, right? 

Hope you have a nice weekend!!


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