Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby Names!

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals for "Show & Tell Tuesdays." Today's topic? How you chose your baby names! I LOVE baby names. I'm actually kind of weird about names and nothing's harder than choosing a name for your own child! I was never one of those gals that had her baby names planned in advance. In fact, I couldn't even narrow it down or choose until after our babies were born! We had short lists, but we didn't have the name planned and shared until after we saw them.

So, here's how we chose!

LILA VICTORIA. (meaning - "night," "dark beauty")

Our darling girl. We knew both of our kids' genders before they were born, so at least that narrowed the choices down. For her, I wanted a vintage name with no associated nicknames (fun fact, most of my family members have always called me "Katie" although nobody else does, including Grant). We actually chose her middle name first - Victoria is Grant's sister's name and we just love her, so that was an easy choice for the middle name. The "L" names seem to be popular for girls now - Lila/Lola/Layla/Lily, etc. Lila was apparently a top name in the 1800s and again is now in the top 100. I liked that it was simple, easy to spell and pronounce and I think it's pretty. Also on our list for first names was Violet. I thought "Violet Victoria" would be pretty. Grant's top choice was "Fiona." He was 100% sold on that from day 1, and if I'd left it up to him that would have been her name. I do like that name but it wasn't "the one" right away for me. We decided to wait until after she was born to choose, so we went to the hospital with either Lila or Fiona as the final choice. After she was born, my doctor said "So, what's her name?" I looked at Grant and said "Well?" (I was so tired at that point I deferred to him!). He said "it's Lila" - and I can't image her with any other name!

OWEN GRANT. (meaning - "young warrior," "well born")

The sweet boy! Before we knew if Owen was a girl or boy, I assumed he'd be a girl since we already had one, and figured we could repurpose Fiona or Violet. I also liked "Cora" for a girl (ala Downton Abbey!). I  had NO clue on boy names. Then we found out it was a boy - uh oh. We didn't even talk names for a long time. Then I had an idea - Leo!! I loved Leo and Lila together. Short, no nicknames, not too popular, and I thought it was so cute. Grant hated it. Boo. So, back to the drawing board. Grant really wanted him to have a "G" name so he'd have "GG" initials like Grant does. But ... we couldn't find any "G" names we liked ... at first, I thought Gavin would be a cute option, but for some reason it just didn't seem like the perfect choice. Finally, we made a short list. It had - Owen, which I'd always liked. I also loved Harrison and Henry. I also considered pairing those together as first/middle name options - Henry Harrison or Harrison Henry. I loved both of those choices. We went back and forth and ultimately chose Owen. We gave him his Papa's name as his middle name. After he was born I tried calling him Harrison a few times to try it out ... I still really like that name!!

There won't be any more Goodall babes so no more naming for us! But if any of you need any help I LOVE researching baby  names for other people!

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