Friday, April 3, 2015

A Good Friday, Indeed!

even if we're sick we have time for selfies!

Hello from my germ infested house to yours! We're all down and out AGAIN with horrible colds. I tell you, this first full "cold season" with Lila in preschool is no joke. Someone in our house is ALWAYS sick. It's been brutal!! Please tell me it gets better!? How do you stay healthy? Grant and I never used to get sick, and the kids never did either until Lila started preschool.

As usual, my nose has done more running this spring than I have.

Thankfully, I think we're all on the mend in time for the weekend to celebrate Easter with some family fun! We're going to church and then onto brunch at my parents' house. Lila is especially excited for the Easter bunny to come as well. The kids will be getting "summer themed" baskets this year - with new bathing suits and fun summer toys to take on our trip!

Here are my favorites of the week!

WFH. Known in the working world as "Working from Home." I'm so lucky my job is flexible enough that I can do this. On days when I'm down and out, it's so nice to work from my bed next to my box of tissues. Unshowered. And maybe still wearing PJs... haha.

+ New Snacks. I'm always looking for new snacks for the kids and love these new little yogurt packets from Chobani! I bought "Tots" for Owen and "Kids" for Lila - they are delicious too! They do have to be kept refrigerated, unlike the other fruit/veggie packets you see, but they are great little snacks and both kids love their yogurt!

Spring Finds. I posted earlier this week about some of my new favorite finds for spring. I love these bright tennis shoes! I can't wait to get more time outdoors ... 

+ Boy Mom! Owen is now officially 15 months and the sweetest little boy! He's getting to be less and less of a "baby" and doing new things everyday! He definitely knows what he wants and squeals like a little piggy if he's not happy. Depending on what he wants, he'll nods yes or shakes his head NO! Also, if you ask "What's your name?" He points at himself and says "Oh Oh!" It's so cute, that now "Oh Oh" is his little nickname. 

 + Simple Dinners. This has been one of my favorite dinners this week. Grilled chicken, sliced on a salad of romaine, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Delish and easy! Also, if you missed it and like freezer meals, I also posted earlier this week about a delicious baked cheese manicotti (although you could add meat) that makes for a simple dinner. 

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and even better weekend!!


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