Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Fun

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Passss the coffeeeee pleassse! It's the start of another week and this week brings us to April! This year has already gone by so fast (wasn't it just Christmas?) AND for us April means Easter, a much-needed vacation, birthdays and more!

It was another sunny weekend here!  Grant did a lot of yard work/chopping more wood and we also even got a parents' night out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Owen has (another) bad cold so I took him to the Dr. on Saturday and found he had another ear infection. Poor baby. Here he is after a nap, bedhead and all. And here I am with a ridiculous smile trying to get him to smile too.

Lila's been insisting on wearing her summer sundresses! That plus the sunshine and a lemonade made for a perfect Saturday afternoon in the yard!

Owen's also taken up coloring recently. Unfortunately, he likes coloring his mouth and hands. Goth baby! 

Grant and I went out for a friend's birthday and were able to enjoy a couple adult beverages sans kids! So nice! I am such a granny though - we went home early and were in bed by midnight, which in the morning seemed WAY too late. No matter how nice it is to be out for the evening, the kids are always up at the same time the next morning! #ilikesleep

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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