Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Weekend

This December I Wish For You………..(part 2):

Good morning! Hope you're having a "sparkling" Monday so far. We had a lovely weekend with some delicious meals, family time and I even got to sneak off for a little haircut. It actually POURED March style here (as in POURED all day long) yesterday, so we spent the day curled up indoors playing games, watching movies and making messes. 

Friday night after the kids went to bed, Grant and I ordered a pizza and finally got around to watching "Dumb and Dumber To" ... it was "dumb funny." The first one I loved so  I hoped this one would at least be similar, but it was pretty bad. There were some funny parts though but overall ... pretty 'dumb' ... ha.  The pizza we ordered, on the other hand, was hilarious. We ordered the "extra large" thinking we'd have a few leftovers and I think we underestimated how "large" it would be. It was seriously huge. 

Saturday morning we hit the local pool for a little indoor swim at their "baby beach" splash pad/pool. The kids have a great time and it also means they are wiped out in time for naps. Here we are taking a break in the hot tub. CHEEESE!

After we got home, Grant headed outside for a little lumberjack time. Check out this action shot - yikes!! 

After naptime I headed out to get my hair cut/colored. Plastic wrap and cotton is a good look for me, no? 

Saturday night we decided to redeem our bad movie experience from the night before and rented Birdman with Michael Keaton. Since it was so hyped for the Oscars we figured it'd be a good choice. It was definitely interesting! I also bought two slices of pie to celebrate "3.14." I'm not good at math, so I celebrated the best way I know how - dessert! Coconut cream for the win. 

Sunday my whole extended family met for Church at my grandparents' church where they did a little remembrance for my grandfather (since his funeral was at another larger church). The congregation all shared little stories and memories they had of him. I liked the verse they included in the bulletin. No matter what faith people may share, finding a way to give thanks or find the positive in any circumstance was a great reminder as we heard lovely stories about our beloved Papa. 

I'm excited for St. Paddy's day tomorrow! We'll have a corned beef and cabbage brewing in the crockpot! Cheers to a happy week! 


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