Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hellooooo Spring!

Spring is in the air and I just love, love breaking out the bright colors to reflect the season. Here are some things that are getting me into the spring spirit recently!

Target. Target has so many cute springy finds lately. I seriously can't stay away from the $1 bin. Aren't these little post-it notes too cute?

And since my Easter baskets for the kids are going to be "swimming" themed, I  had to snag these sweet little sunnies for Lila and Owen!

Wallpapers. One fun way to celebrate a change in seasons is to swap your "technology" backgrounds! Kate Spade has some really cute wallpapers each month (and who knew they had a blog?!). I love this pretty floral for March!


Fancy Feet. Owen has one little pair of tennis shoes he wears, but I wanted to get him something more summery but still supportive enough (although they are fun, I'm afraid he'd trip in flip flops). These little grey TOMS are so cute on him and he doesn't have to wear socks! PS - I love chubby baby legs!! 

Hair. I always seem to get brighter hair for spring (not necessarily on purpose) and this year is no exception. When I got my color done this weekend I went for a blonder 'do to reflect the sunshine! I don't know if blondes have more fun, but I certainly do!

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