Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Heart Happy

What's your happy place? This is my happy place else too!

I think by now ya'll know I do love a good beach and some sunshine. Definitely my happy place for sure! I've noticed recently with the chaos of being everyone in our house being sick, having a crazy job, and having very little downtime to myself, I've been a bit negative. So, I'm taking a cue from the sweet Astleigh to reflect on what makes my heart happy. I truly have so many things to be thankful for, and sometimes remembering the little things can snap me out of a negative funk. 

Here are three things that made me smile this week: 

Little Treats. Sometimes it's nice to buy a mini treat for myself. I saw these little gold arrow earrings in a boutique the other day and saw they were called "Positive Direction Arrows." Just what I needed!

Tried and True Recipes. Look at this old recipe from a lady at the church I grew up in. It's greasy with love! I love how "cilantro" is even spelled kind of funky ;) Many of my cookbooks have stains and spills, and even though it looks messy, I love it. (PS, this black bean salad recipe is a delicious little side dish or lunch!!) 

Big Sisters. Owen is officially obsessed with Lila. He's CONSTANTLY saying "Lila!" or pointing for Lila. He follows her everywhere and SQUEALS when she comes home for school. My aunt gave her this sweet bunny this week and my Mom sent me this picture of Owen holding it, waiting for Lila to come home. I hope they are always BFFS!

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