Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Weekend

Lipstick was made for the weekend. Fifth Avenue Fuchsia is our favorite for Friday. Let us help you find your perfect Color Revolution shade for the weekend.

Happy Friday! TGIF for sure around here ... we're looking forward to another fun-filled weekend and hopefully a lot of time spent outdoors! I'm also getting my hair cut finally this weekend after almost a YEAR!! 

Here's what we've been up to this week ...

+ Coffee. My work schedule has been CRAZYYY lately, with calls starting before the sun comes up. Yesterday, we had no coffee in the house, so I made an early morning trip to Starbucks (in slippers - wow) to get a bag of coffee and a cup  to go. The one nice thing about working early? A quiet house and a work uniform of leggings, slippers and an oversized T.

+ Peek! This sweet one is definitely my little boy. He loves to be silly and make people laugh. Here I am lounging on the couch with my legs crossed and he kept coming by and popping his head in and squealing. Too cute. 

+ Preppy. Speaking of the sweet boy, I've been picking out a few springy outfits here and there for the kids in advance of our Palm Springs trip and couldn't resist this little polo/shorts combo for Owen! Looks like something either a prepster would wear, or a little old grandpa on the golf course! 

+ Make-Ahead Meals. The kids are always STARVING for dinner right at 5 and make it known if they haven't been fed, so I've been trying to make more meals ahead that we can easily pop into the oven. Today I had a chicken taco soup in the crockpot and also made some cheesy lasagna roll-ups to have in the freezer. I'll share the recipe next week!

+ Lila-isms. With two kids and Owen obviously needing more of my attention, I think I need to start having more 1:1 time with Lila. Last weekend when I took her to the princess party, she had SUCH a great time and really loved having time alone with her mama. 

She's such a character too. You never know what she'll say or think of next. Some of my recent favorites are:

Lila: "Mama, why do we have to take baths every night?" 
Me: "Because if you didn't you'd STINK" (joking)
Lila: "Oh ... but ... Papa stinks" 

Lila: "Mama, I booted." 
Me: "You what?" 
Lila: "You know when you  burp and toot at the same!" 
Where did she learn that?!!? 

Lila: "Mama, when I'm four I'm going to get married and be a Mama. But first I'm going to become Elsa." 

So that's all for now! Here's to hoping we may get to sleep in this weekend ... 

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