Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Friday!

I'm finally home after a long week in Chicago. Work went well and I walked my little feet off around the city. I love "walkable" cities! In order to pack light, I only brought one pair of shoes (!!!!!!!!) - a pair of flat black boots. It was perfect - they were comfy for walking all over town, kept me warm with the freezing weather, worked perfectly for the unexpected snow, and looked professional enough for my work meetings.

I had fun pretending I was a city-dweller, walking everywhere and exploding my "neighborhood." I also decided if I moved there, I'd buy a condo in the Trump Tower (in the pic above on the right)... since naturally I'm sure I'd be able to afford that, right?? ;)

If you need a hotel in Chicago, I definitely recommend the Hotel Monaco. It's in a great location, has fun/funky decor and has free wine in the lobby every night!

One day, I came back to my room to find a fun "pig" towel greeting me after a long day.

Plus, you can order fries to eat in bed - no explanation needed...

Also, have you had an "Ice Storm" from a Nordstrom eBar!?? I've long been addicted to these, but I will confess I've had three (ok fine, four) this week!!! AHH! They have about 9000 calories each, so definitely a treat, but you know I love them by the fact that I kept getting them DESPITE the snow/freezing weather. I couldn't help it when our conference shuttle dropped us in front of the Michigan Ave. Nordstrom every day ... 

Also - even the drug stores here are better (or maybe I just need to go to downtown Seattle more often). I popped into a downtown Walgreens and picked up three new "lipsticks" that have more of a gloss/sheer consistency. 

I'm glad to be home for the weekend and have missed the heck out of our little fam!!!!!! 

Hope you have a nice weekend!!

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