Monday, March 9, 2015

Closer to Spring!

Health and happiness are usually terms reserved for individuals, yet there is no denying that location can play a role in these traits. Do you live in one of America's happiest and healthiest states?

Happy Monday! We've "sprung forward" to another week (ha, get it?!) and here we are at yet another Monday. Grant was gone all weekend so I was a single mama - needless to say, it's mentally and physically exhausting!! Thankfully, both kids were ready for nap time early on Sunday so the time change didn't affect us too much. Bring on the longer days!

Also, I'm sure everyone is annoyed with me going on and on about our weather, but it was 100% sunshine and 60s all weekend. We are so lucky lately, normally this time of year it's grey and drizzly. 

Here's what we were up to this weekend ... 

On Friday I had some meetings in downtown Seattle. Ever since we moved to the "burbs" and I started working up north, I don't get downtown often, so it was fun to walk around a bit and have a latte across from Seattle's "famous" public library downtown. 

After my meetings I popped into the Fairmont hotel, it's so "regal" - it totally looks like it's meant for historic royalty. Even the bathrooms had little towels to dry your hands. So fancy.

Saturday was so sunny and beautiful we hit the park bright and early. Despite all the toys, Owen and Lila spent about an hour filling a little ledge with bark and then clearing it all off over and over. Ha!!

After the park, Owen stayed home with Nee Nee while Lila and I went to a little girl from her preschool's birthday party. It was a princess theme of course! They had little outfits for each of the girls to wear. So pretty!

I closed out the day with a refreshing iced coffee, which came with a nice little message. 

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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