Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tropical Dreams

We're nearing our annual trip to Palm Springs and I can't wait! We go every spring. It's warm, beautiful, filled with sunshine and my ultimate happy place. Last year's trip was tough because Owen was 10 weeks and in addition to not sleeping, he was in the height of his reflux problems. So because of that, I am that much more excited for this year!!

I always love to find a new bathing suit and a few fun accessories before our trip (although they also have great shopping, so can always find something there too!).

Here's what's inspiring me this year ...

Palm Springs Style

Abercrombie Fitch 1 piece swimsuit / TOMS ankle wrap wedge sandals / Sequin purse / Kate Spade earrings / Kate Spade black glasses / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip gloss makeup / Evian face cleanser / Eos lip care / Trina Turk LA hot pink bath towel / Trina Turk LA pink accent pillow

I love the bright colors in this collection. From the tropical neon Trina Turk bath towels to the hot pink TOMS wedges, bright colors make the desert sun even more fun. Also, for a day at the pool, Evian spray mist feels amazing, and I love eos's fun lip balm in the bright sunny yellow. I also love this one-piece. Still adds a hint of fun without being a total "mom suit."

What are your favorites for warm vacations? I'm on the look out for cute (but cheap!) sundresses and some new sandals too ...


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