Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Friday! Holiday Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend Tulips

Yay for Friday, AND yay for a double holiday weekend! Not only is it Valentine's Day on Saturday, but I have Monday off for President's day too! Win!

I have a little Valentine's Day breakfast planned for the kids on Saturday morning and then my parents are coming over that evening so Grant and I can go out to dinner! That, plus some quality lounging time and a box of chocolates (or two) are just what I'm looking forward to. 

Here are my favorites from the week!!

+ Spring!!! Spring is definitely on the horizon!! I spotted these beautiful little crocuses in bloom at my parents' house yesterday. It's been sunny and 60 the last couple days, and even though spring is still a few weeks off I'm counting down the days. 

I was also thrilled when the March issue of InStyle showed up in the mail this week with SPRING splashed across the cover - yes please!

+ Great Outdoors. Now that it's a bit nicer out, AND staying light later in the evening, we've been taking walks after dinner to our little  neighborhood park. The kids have been LOVING the wagon!

+ "Miracle" Noodles. I posted earlier this week about a new recipe I love using "Miracle Noodles" (aka, noodles with zero calories!!!) I even made the recipe again tonight with a combo of chicken and shrimp. Interested? Check it out!!

+ Preschool Valentine. Lila's school is having a little Valentine's Day party today and she was so cute in picking out the valentines she wanted to give her little friends. Naturally, she picked the Frozen store-bought ones instead of the vintage homemade style ones I'd suggested (haha), but she wrote her own name on them and even decided to add "Cars" stickers to the boy ones in case they didn't like Frozen (probably a good idea!). Such a sweet girl, I just love new little traditions with the kids! 

+ Spring Beauty. Speaking of Spring, I posted about some of my new favorite beauty products, including a cheap BB cream that I LOVE! Check it out.


Have a great weekend!!!


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