Friday, February 6, 2015

It's Finally Friday!

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Yesterday was my grandfather's memorial service. It was an emotional day, but as the quote above says, there were also a lot of laughs, joy and sunshine (ironic though because it was actually pouring here yesterday!). I'm so blessed to have spent the past 32 years such all four of my grandparents still living. 

So, dedicated to my sweet Pops, here are my highlights of the week!

+ Bayside Flashback! If you did not see the Jimmy Fallon "Saved by the Bell" skit this week you MUST WATCH! It's hilarious and it's pretty funny how much Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie look the same! Slater's acid-washed jeans are the best!!! So hilarious. 

+ Fresh Salads. In an effort to eat better, we've been grilling big batches of chicken and shrimp in various marinades and using them throughout the week in simple salads for dinner. Pictured here are garlic lemon grilled shrimp salad and an "antipasto" salad. Delish, and it's nice to have something easy to throw together after a long day.   

+ 13 months! Is that officially a toddler? My sweet baby is just as happy as can be!! We had his "ear tube" consultation this week and are waiting it out to see if he can go any longer through winter without getting another one. Please send healthy vibes our way! Eek!

+ New Favs. I posted earlier this week some of my new favorite finds. Even though we're on a "shopping hiatus" after some expensive house projects, these were all super cheap!

+ Project Complete! We finally finished putting our house back together after our floors and fireplace projects were over. We are so happy with it!! Goodbye 1990s carpet and linoleum!! I'm going to share the final product next week, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!!!! It's supposed to rain, rain, rain here so I'm sure we'll be cozied up indoors watching movies for at least part of the weekend!! 


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