Thursday, February 12, 2015

House Updates!

I mentioned numerous times that we recently had hardwoods put in throughout our downstairs area, including our living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, and downstairs bathroom (all of which used to have nearly 20 year old carpet or linoleum - yuck!!!). Grant also replaced our fireplace tile at the same time. I've mentioned this so many times because of what a big project it was. Having to remove ALL furniture from your entire downstairs for over a week, with two small kids, and me being on a work trip for half of it (love you, Honey!!), really consumed our lives.

However, last weekend we finally put the house back together and are so happy with how it turned out!! The carpet was just GROSS. Between all the families (and pets) that have lived in the house over the years, plus our kids, it had to go.

Here's what it looked like before I left on my work trip - what a mess!

Before ... "90s green" fireplace tiles and stained carpet... 

Grant hard at work on his fireplace project! He even cut all the tiles himself.

Living room picnics!

Then came the fun part - area rug shopping! We got all of our rugs from Target. There are much nicer ones out there, but with two toddlers we figured we'd go for inexpensive in case they were ruined or stained ... I LOVED the red one pictured below but it was a little bit too small for our space ... sad!

Here's our living room. I replaced our red throw pillows with more blueish teal ones, and have a cream and grey "plush" carpet there. 

Plus, every formal living room needs a princess tent - duh!

And in the family room we chose a similar blue color with nice little detail. Can you tell I even matched the glassybabies on the mantle? ;)

I also got new little rugs for the entries ...

And kitchen!

The wood we chose is a dark "distressed" wood. I like the distressed look, but also because it's imperfect, it won't show as many dings (believe me, Owen's already tested it thoroughly with his metal cars!)

Baby feet!

We are loving it so far! It was expensive but worth it.

Now, onto the next project!

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