Monday, February 16, 2015

Holiday Monday

Good morning!! I have today off of work so I'm home with the babes (unfortunately Grant doesn't have the day off, boo!), but I'm popping in to say hello and share a few scenes from our Valentine's Day.

First off, the weather in the Seattle area has been BEAUTIFUL! Plenty of sunshine, amazing sunsets and nearing 60. It makes me so ready for spring and summer!!!

Saturday my parents were nice enough to babysit so Grant and I could go out to dinner. I set a little "date" table for them and the kids - and then was a little sad we'd be missing out on their fun!

I wore tiny hearts on my ears and my baby loves' initials around my neck. 

We didn't have reservations anywhere, so we went to a local brewery that we hoped wasn't too packed. It wasn't! And the best part is that it's on the water, so we were able to catch a beautiful sunset, walk around the marina and take in the fresh air. I love living by the water! 

Sunday it was just as beautiful so we hit the beach with the whole family. The beach we went to was right on the train tracks, so Lila was THRILLED when two long trains went by and not only did the conductors wave at her but then honked the horn - so cute! 

Owen tasted the sand a few times - mmm!!! 

My sweet boy :)

His "cheeeeese" face! 

Hope you had a day full of joy and love as well!! 


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