Friday, February 27, 2015

Flu Friday - Ugh!

Hello, from the Goodalls. This week's score is Stomach Flu - 3, Goodalls, - 1 (Lila's the lone gal standing!). Let's just get it out in the open that NOTHING is worse than the stomach flu. Except perhaps, having a one-year-old and husband that ALSO have the stomach flu. And a bouncy three-year-old who wants to play/jump and talk to you constantly while you are laying on the floor in agony.

However! The weekend is here and I'm hoping we all spring back in action in time to enjoy a little fresh air and settled stomachs. 

Here's what we've been up to this week ... 

+ Sunny skies. This week started strong, with more sunny skies and an open sunroof. Rain returned the later part of the week, but it's supposed to be sunny again this weekend. Bring on Spring! 

+ Elsa. Lila's new favorite is playing "Anna and Elsa" (naturally), and she's ALWAYS Elsa. "NOBODY wants to be Anna, Mama!" Did I miss something!? Anna's the nice/funny one. So hilarious ... Owen always get to be Olaf. Ha!! Here we are, hiding from Olaf in Elsa's "ice cave." 

+ Top Ramen. I rarely eat Top Ramen, but after my stomach flu this week it sounded good. It was the only dinner I stomached all week. I have to say, it was sort of amazingly delicious (in a sodium overload kind of way!). 

+ Hair. I scheduled a hair cut/color with a new gal who seems to be the latest rage in town (at least according to online reviews/magazines). I'm trying to grow out my hair again and so was thinking of a shorter version of this look ... thoughts? Pretty similar to what I have now, but more layers and blonder. 

+ Peek! Owen's just the goofiest boy. And so sweet! He hasn't wanted to eat much  this week but I set him on the couch with a little bowl of cereal and he gobbled it up! Yum! He loves to have little bowls of snacks like Lila does after school. Although usually before too long his ends up on his head. 

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


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