Monday, February 9, 2015

Easy like Monday Morning (said no one ever)

Monday's Aren't Always Bad When You Have Coffee =)

Happy Monday! And greetings from the Goodalls, 50% of whom have the plague of some sort. Lila had a fever last Sunday and has been OK but generally coughing and "tired" all week, and then Friday Grant came down with a high fever and has been miserable all weekend. Owen and I are holding out! Finger's crossed pleeease that we don't catch it. I can't wait for cold season to be over! Ugh!

That said, we spent most of the weekend at home with a couple brief trips out of the house to avoid going completely stir crazy.

Friday night Grant wasn't feeling well so we had appetizer quesadillas on the couch while watching TV. Then we went to bed at 9! I wasn't even sick, but 9 p.m. bedtime to me is an amazing Friday night ("True Life: I'm a Mom").

Saturday we watched Disney movies before heading out on a few errands. I've gotten some fab new things at Target lately! They have the cutest wrapping paper in their $1 bin ... 

And also as part of our "house refresh" I picked up a nice new wreath and welcome mat!

 Saturday afternoon, for the first time in WHO KNOWS how long, EVERYONE in the house took a nap at the same time. It was glorious. I layed on our bed in peace. I almost had forgotten what "quiet" felt like!!

Then we headed over to my parents' house for dinner so Grant could help my Dad with a sink project, while my Mom, the kids and I had a tea party. Owen was our "unruly" guest!

Sunday, Owen got his first haircut!!! It was definitely more than shaggy and his little bangs were always in his face. He did great! The "Thomas" train he got to sit in, plus toys and a Disney movie playing were enough to keep him distracted. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, so perfect for his wandering attention span ... 

Such a handsome boy!

Before and after! He looks so "grown up" with his new cut - tear!

 After, it was so sunny and nice out (hello 60+ weather!) that we played outside for a bit before we came home for naptime.

Here's to a healthier week and more sunshine!!


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