Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blue Jean Blues

I have a confession. I am terrible at buying jeans. Even though I wear them almost everyday, I HATE spending a ton of money on them, therefore buy cheap ones that wear out after a couple of wears/washes and then buy new ones. It's a bad cycle. Here's my main issue. I'm short (5'3) so "designer" jeans are always WAY too long for me. I'm also inbetween needing "regular" and "ankle" length (unless they are skinny jeans, "ankle" is always a tad too short). I've gotten a few hemmed over the years, but they always never seem to look the same.

Also, I can wear jeans to work, so I try to go with dark washes that look slightly more professional than light wash/ripped/etc.
Blue jean blues

I made this little collage of ones I think are cute but not too pricey, but would love other suggestions. Please fill me in! What's your favorite go-to, not super expensive, but still cute, pair of jeans!??! Help!!

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