Thursday, January 22, 2015

When in Texas...

Today was filled with work meetings but that doesn't mean we didn't have time to experience a few musts in Austin - seeing the Texas State Capitol Building and indulging in amazing southern food!!

Unfortunately it was a totally "Seattle-like" day with misty rain - boo! Where's the sunshine!? Despite the rain, I thankfully brought my fav warm sweatshirt dress to stay comfy during a day of meetings.

The Texas Capitol is very cool and the Governor's mansion is right nearby as well! My dad reminded me on the phone tonight that the Texas State Capitol building is actually one of a few that are taller than the US Capitol building in DC, which he said is because "everything is bigger in Texas." Naturally! If I were in town longer I would have loved to go on one of the tours - I love historical sites, but for this trip I just got to see it from the street view. 

And then the most important part - DINNER! We went to Fixe in Austin - a new southern restaurant, which was soooo good!!! We ordered family style. 

First course - deviled eggs with salmon roe on top. 

Second course - "sweet and savory" homemade biscuits with choices of marionberry jam or spreadable andouille sausage. I had a half of the biscuit with each, and while I prefer the sweet jam, both were so good. 

Third course - boneless fried chicken with honey glaze, atop a kale salad. So good!!! 

Fourth Course - shrimp and grits! Sooooo good. 

And as if that wasn't enough - we had tons of desserts too, but I didn't get any great pics. The sweet potato pie with marshmallow topping was my favorite. 

Let's just say southern food isn't light - I felt like I needed to be rolled out of the restaurant. But if you want an amazing dinner and ambience in Austin - definitely try Fixe! 

Excited to head home tomorrow!

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