Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Bottomless Purse

As part of the New Year, I'm trying to "clean up" (and clean out) various aspects of my life, and my purse is one of my biggest problems. I ALWAYS lose my keys, and when I'm at a check out counter it usually takes me a good five minutes of digging before I can find my wallet. Among the normal purse contents, I usually also have 100 kids toys, snacks and receipts galore, Lila's preschool art projects, and so on.

So, I recently cleaned it out and here's what made the final cut:

1. My purse is my BELOVED four-year-old Foley + Corrina City Tote. It was a gift from Grant before we ever had kids, and it's such a versatile purse that it's been my go-to ever since. It can also fold in half so you can use the shoulder strap. It also can fit my laptop in a pinch. 
3. Fruit packet for hungry babes
4. Keys (duh)
5. Cough drops (since I've had a cough for a million years it seems) 
6. iPhone complete with cute Rifle Paper Co. case
7. Kate Spade wallet (complete with receipts busting out the seams ... my expense report at work is overdue, ha!) 
8. Cookie Monster car to entertain Owen in a pinch
9. Kindle with fun Kate Spade case, in case I'm ever left with a quiet moment or two to read (similar here
10. Diaper in case of major emergency! 

What this doesn't show is the fact that I'm also usually toting at LEAST one other bag - if during the week, my laptop/work bag, and if during the weekend, my GIGANTIC overflowing diaper bag (which at least is cute!)  

I have several small purses and use them when I'm going out, on vacation or the occasional weekend, but always seem to gravitate back to my old standby. 

I'd love to know, what's in your "everyday" purse?! 

PS - Kate Spade did not sponsor this post even though I have 3 KS references in here! Can you tell I'm a fan? 

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