Thursday, January 15, 2015

Staying Organized with Kids Toys

I'm joining Floral & Fudge and the Hill Collection today for the Everygirl Link up. Today's topic? Organizing! I've never been a neat freak, but we have always liked to keep our house generally organized with minimal "stuff," and at least tidy enough to have a drop in guest over and not have to throw things into closets quickly to avoid embarrassment.

One of my biggest organizing "challenges" has been with kid toys. We have a nice sized house, but no basement or play room to store any of their toys. Now, with two kids, there are endless books, legos, princess clothes, trains, cars, etc. Our house has a large kitchen/family room area where we spend about 90% of our time. And because both kids' rooms are upstairs, they mainly play downstairs in the family room.

To avoid the mass clutter of toys everywhere, and to match our home decor, I've bought several wicker baskets to double as toy storage. They match our home decor, make the living room look tidy when needed, and discretely store tons of toys (you can't even tell some of them have toys in them!) They are also small enough that I swap out which toys they hold regularly, so the kids "re-discover" toys every month or so and seem to play with them more than when they are all always available.

They are also easy for Lila and even Owen to pull out, play, and put stuff back in them when they are done. I feel like it's a nice compromise to not have a completely kid-free/sterile environment, but also not make our house feel like a toy store exploded in the main common area.

I've gotten most of mine at Target, but I've also gotten a few at Land of Nod, which has super cute storage containers (although they are a lot more pricey).

I'm excited to see what others share - I'd love to hear any other good kid storage tips from other people who don't have playrooms or basements!


PS - reposting this on the Momfessionals Organizing 101!

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