Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On the Road Again

Lauren Conrad's "go graceful" travelers guide for airplane etiquette
why don't I look like this when I travel!?

I'm on another work trip this week, my second already in January. It's funny - when I first started in the working world I thought business travel would be SO cool. But frankly, it's not that great. I'd rather be at home with my sweet babes! 

This week I'm in Austin, Texas. Here I was yesterday at the airport - so glamorous, and the laptop is always open. 

And straight to working in the hotel room ... 

Before I knew it, it was late and dark. So I watched the State of the Union address with a takeout sandwich and then it was straight to bed!

It was also the Texas Governor Inauguration and ball in Austin last night so there were lots of ball gowns and tuxes in the hotel lobby! Someone must have forgotten my invite ... 

The good thing is that my family sends lots of pics while I'm gone. My mom sent this one of Owen swinging today - look at his three little teeth! So cute. He LOVES the swings and if you take him out too early he cries and points to get back in! So sweet. 

And Grant sent me this of Lila last night in the tub - love my sweet girl.

That's it! I'll hopefully be indulging in some delicious Texas BBQ this week, so stay tuned for pics!


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