Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday! As you may have seen on Friday, my sweet grandpa, who we called Papa growing up, died on Wednesday after he just couldn't quite recover from heart surgery. Our whole family got together on Sunday (all 30+ of us!) for dinner to remember our Pops and enjoy each other's company. It was a bit weird without him there, but we had lots of great stories and memories to reminisce about all the fun we had with him.

My mom and I spent the day with my grandma on Saturday, helping write his obituary. It's so hard to boil someone's life down into a few short paragraphs! And although sad, it was fun to remember some of the goofy stories and jokes he liked to tell. Hopefully he'd like it!

In more uplifting news, the weekend here was beautiful - sunny and 60!? That's early summer weather around these parts, and definitely not January weather. And not that it needs an announcement, but I'm definitely ready for spring!

We played at the park ...

And I even enjoyed my morning coffee iced!

"I see you eyeing my apple slice!" 

Happy Monday!


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