Friday, January 9, 2015

Home, Sweet Home!

As I write this I'm high in the sky, flying back home after a loooooong week. This was my longest trip away from home since Owen was born and I'm tired and ready to see Grant and my sweet babies! 

Also, it was SUCH a tease to be in sunny, tropical weather but be stuck in a hotel meeting rooms all day. It really made urge to go on vacation that much higher!!!

Here are my favorites for the week!! 

+ Nails. I've never done this, but I had time to kill at the airport and since I was by myself, I walked past a little airport spa and on a whim decided to get a manicure! Have you ever done that? I felt semi weird about it, but once I'd parked it in a massaging recliner with my feet up, I was happy with my decision. It was awesome and they did a really good job! I got a bright orangey/red - perfect to head home from the warm sunshine.

+ FOOD. I posted this week about my favorite aspect of business travel - room service! Yesterday, I totally indulged and got pancakes with cinnamon butter and a  mocha. And I ate in bed while watching the Real Housewives of NY on Bravo ... (did I just admit that!?).

+Sunshine. Especially this time of year, when it's gloomy and grey in Seattle, I long for sunshine. Being in Florida for this reason, was so nice. I LOVE tropical foliage too. Can't get enough! I'm sure the grass is always greener, but I think I'd like living somewhere warmer ... Is it too early to announce I'm ready for summer!? 

+ These Babies. Being away from the kids for so long is hard! We Skyped every night so it was nice to see them but I still felt a little guilty and sad. My mom's been sending me pictures of Owen too. Can't wait to be home!! (PS - Can you believe Owen is ONE?!!) 

+ New Floors! Grant and I've been wanting to get hardwoods installed in our house ever since we moved in (the carpet is 16 years old and with two kids, to say it was in need of replacement is an understatement). Unfortunately, long ago before I knew I'd be on a work trip, we'd scheduled the project to be this week. So, not only has Grant been on Mr. Mom duty all week, he's also been managing our house being torn up! He's been sending me updates though, I'm excited to see the final result!!

I'm looking forward to a simple weekend playing with  the kids and wearing my slippers all day. Yes! xo

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