Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Monday!

Phew! We ended this weekend with a bang - and not a good one! Poor Owen fell on Sunday morning while he was playing and bit his lip pretty badly. Bleeding everywhere ensued, and so he spent a majority of the afternoon in the bathtub playing where we could easily clean it up. Thankfully it's fine, but because he chews on everything he kept reopening the cut. Poor baby! He did recover in time for a fun date at the park though - Lila can always make him laugh!

Our house is still in construction mode. The floors are ALMOST all done, the crew is back today for some final touches. The kids have loved having a wide open living room and lots of picnics on the floor!

And even though they aren't completely done, that didn't shop me from getting an early start on area rug shopping! So many options. I ended up going for a bright blue pattern similar to the red one below.

Grant's fireplace project is almost done as well! I'll definitely need to do a house before/after once we're finished! It's funny how some new floors and fireplace tile can make it feel like a brand new house.

So that's all for now! I'm sitting on the couch, still wearing my PJs (as in I never got dressed today), un-showered and covered in rug fibers, watching glamorous celebs on the Golden Globes...

Happy Monday!

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