Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Owen!!

My sweet boy is ONE! I can't believe it. One of my favorite "mom" quotes - "The days are long by the years are short" got me through many joyful days and many hard days this year, but it's so true how quickly this year went by. Here he is the morning after he was born! All 9 lbs 4 oz of him!

Since I had to fly out the morning after his birthday, we celebrated by enjoying a simple chocolate cake at home!!

Owen, in true "Owen" fashion, ate a GIANT piece of cake. He inspected it, picked up the whole piece, and proceeded to DEMOLISH the entire thing. And then I gave him a second one (a little sugar never hurt, right?) He LOVED it. So cute.

Hmm, this brown thing looks good ...

Mmmm, tastes good too!

Man, this is making me thirsty!

Yay! That was delicious!

Then we had to clean him off in the sink after because he was so messy. Ha! The sign of a good time. 

Happy Birthday Owen!!! We love you SOOO MUCH!


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