Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week went by really fast and we're gearing up for an exciting weekend that starts with a little date night for Grant and I! We're going to a dinner theater with a live circus type show, so it'll be fun to head into the city for a night out and try something new.

Here are my favorites of the week!

+ Winter Blues. Although I may already be counting down the days until summer, we had some beautiful winter sunshine this week and amazing blue skies. My favorite winter weather is a crisp and cold sunny day. Beautiful!

+ One Year Old! Owen had his one year check up on Monday. It's so crazy how far we've come in the past year and we have a little one year old on our hands! He's walking everywhere now, "talking," pointing and laughing all the time. He also makes car noises when he plays with his toy cars, and if you ask him "Owen, what does the crow say?" He responds with an enthusiastic "Caw, Caw!!!" It's too cute. Unfortunately at his Dr. appointment they found that his ear infections from a couple weeks ago had NEVER cleared even despite strong antibiotics, so that earned us a referral to a specialist to discuss getting tubes put in his ears. Have any of you had kids who've gotten ear tubes? It sounds terrifying to put a baby under anesthesia, but it does seem to help many babies ... 

+ One-Pot Meals. Busy weeks means the need for quick and easy dinners. Earlier this week I posted about a one-pot rice and chicken sausage dish that's quick and easy and was devoured by both kids! Win! 

+ New Coffee Orders. So ... everyone knows I love coffee. When at home, I have drip coffee with the natural vanilla or hazelnut creamer. When I go to Starbucks, I usually have a latte of some sort. This week, a gal at work mentioned her "go-to" was an iced chai tea latte. Sounded weird, but I tried it on a recent drive-thru run. Delish! Pretty sweet, but if you like thai iced teas it tastes sort of similar? Anyway, it's a nice afternoon treat if you've already had several cups of coffee. 

+ Keeping Clean! Yesterday I posted about how I try (not very successfully) to keep the kids' toys organized using cute baskets that match our home decor. Check out the link up with other organizing tips - lots of good ones (found here and here). 

+ Working from Home. I'm lucky enough that my job allows me to work from home. Even though it's tempting not to, I always get dressed and ready when I work from home. But there's something nice about having your own mug, slippers on and the ability to watch the third hour of the Today Show while typing away. (Although today at about 7 p.m. I realized I'd had my sweater on backwards all day - classy). 

Have a great weekend! We'll be cheering on the Seahawks this weekend on their road to the Superbowl!! GO Hawks! 

And PS - love this sweet girl so much. Lately, she's been saying "Mama, I want to tell you something ... you're my best friend." I hope she feels this way forever!!!!!!!!! 

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