Thursday, January 8, 2015


I'm still in Florida. It's been hard to be gone from home this long (my longest trip since Owen was born!), but thankfully Grant seems to be doing OK!

We've had lots of Skpe dates like this ...

Not only is Grant watching both kids, but we also had pre-scheduled (a long time ago!) to have our carpet/linoleum pulled out and have hardwood floors installed this week, so he's dealing with a construction zone as well as two kids this week! This is what it looked like when I left ...

As if that wasn't enough, Grant is also redoing our fireplace tile at the same time. I'm excited to go home and see the final product! 

Meanwhile, I've been in hotel conference rooms the whole trip, but I did have a couple minutes to step outside and take a few pictures. 

I love tropical foliage! 

I also made sure I had a chance to put my toes in the white sand!

.... And in the pool!

Pool at night ... 

My hair and humidity are not BFFs ... 

Looking forward to heading home tomorrow!


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