Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Currently Loving ...

Smile :D Even if you don't feel like it, eventually your brain will catch up with your face and you will be happy happy happy!

We've had a lot going on lately, but here's some of the things I've been loving lately ...

Favorite Movie ... "Boyhood." Grant and I watched this the other night and I really liked it! If you haven't heard about it, they filmed the movie slowly over 12 years. It's a coming of age story about a little boy and his family, so as the movie goes along, it's really the boy aging along with it. SO interesting and unique! I did get a little sad seeing the cute boy turn into a brooding teenager (my sweet Owen will never grow up, right!?), but it was a really cool story and way to see the cast age in real life throughout the movie. It's available on video now too.

Favorite Funny ... "Farm Hunk" skit on SNL. If you are a Bachelor fan and didn't see this skit on SNL, you have to watch it. Blake Shelton was the host and plays the Bachelor, and the various girls are so hilariously spot on to some of the girls on the show, I thought this was pretty funny.

Favorite Drink ... Lime Pellegrino. I've been trying to drink more water so my new favorite is sparkling water with a couple lime wedges. And it feels like a cocktail - win!

Favorite Read ... February Issues. I haven't had a ton of time for books lately, so I've been loving recent magazines. All of the February issues are so fun, especially the current issue of Conde Naste, which features romantic getaways. I could really go for one of those right now!

Favorite View ... this sweet boy. Owen always has a car in hand now, and now when I make dinner he's constantly at my leg "driving" one of his cars up my leg. He even makes a little "car noise." It's too cute!!

What are your current favs? I'd love to know!


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