Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Fun

love this little italian pine tree on our table

........ it's Monday again. 

I have the Monday morning blues for sure! We had such a fun weekend, but as usual it went by way too quickly!! It was a gorgeous sunny (but cold) weekend, the Seahawks won (yes!) and our brunch was a major success. 

Thursday night there was a HUGE windstorm here (you may have seen the footage - all of the West coast got hit pretty hard!) and mid-Christmas cookie baking, our power went out. Wah wah ... such a cookie baking fail. I had to throw out two batches that were in the oven and only half cooked and a batch of dough, and I didn't have time to prep some of the stuff I was going to make in advance of our Ugly Sweater Party brunch. So, that meant Friday night we stayed up late and cooked up a storm in prep. 

This is the FIFTH year we've had our Ugly Sweater/White Elephant gift exchange party. It used to be an appetizer/cocktail party, but now that half of us have kids and it's harder to all find babysitters, we have brunch. It's perfect! This year was the biggest crowd yet, with about 25 adults and all the kids, so it was a tad hectic, but super fun. 

Here's my "sweater" - gotta love a sweater vest complete with fur collar, "holiday" high heels and jingle bells. Super trendy ;) 

I made two egg bakes, a coffee cake, lemon cranberry muffins, bacon, and fruit. We also had eggnog, coffee, a bloody mary bar and hot spiced cider (with or without rum!). So festive! 

The white elephant gifts were all hilarious. This is what Grant got ... a "toilet" mug. Super classy. It was wrapped along with a pack of toilet paper! Ha! 

Owen had a great time showing off and getting held by everyone!

Sunday morning we were all tired, so we had lots of book and snuggle time. (Yes, Lila is way too old to have a pacifier). 

We played and took good naps before heading over to watch the Seahawks game with some friends. 

Hope you had a great weekend too! Last week before Christmas! I'm "wrapping" (pun intended!) up all my shopping. Next weekend is the "Goodall" Christmas and making gingerbread houses! 

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