Thursday, December 11, 2014

I "Mustache" You A Question ...

I was tagged by the lovely Sarita of It's My Girl's World to answer the "Mustache You" questions! Thanks Sarita!! Here are my answers ...

Four names people call me other than my real name ...

This is a funny one because all the people in my family have the most bizarre nicknames... 

1. Katie - only my family, grandparents, a few relatives and a couple friends from when I was really young call me this. Grant never does and if anyone else does it seems weird. 
2. Corkie - yes, this is my bizarre nickname. Don't ask. My parents, Grant, some friends and even Lila sometimes call me this. 
3. Dorky - Grant's version of Corkie, when I do something klutzy. True love! 
4. Mama - my favorite :) 

Four jobs I've had ...

1. Many corporate jobs including my job now as a PR Manager
2. Video store clerk! (yes, back when people used to go to video stores!)
3. Grocery store checker
4. Tennis camp instructor - definitely my favorite! 

Four movies I've watched more than once ...

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - since it's almost Christmas this seems appropriate, but it's probably one of my favorite movies regardless! So funny. 
2. Love Actually - my other Christmas favorite!
3. Forrest Gump - love that movie. 
4. Dumb and Dumber - haha ... should I admit that? 

Four places I've lived ...

I've only had three!!

1. Whidbey Island, WA - where I grew up!
2. Bellingham, WA - where I went to college
3. Seattle, WA - where I lived after college

Four places I'd rather be right now ...

Last year's Palm Springs trip. Look how tiny Owen was at 3 months! 

1. ANYWHERE tropical - Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, I'd take them all.
2. Palm Springs, CA - we take an annual trip there and I love it so much. 
3. On a date with my husband - we don't get out much
4. In bed taking a nap - ha!

Four things I won't eat ...

1. Oysters - not really a Pacific Northwest thing to say, but sorry, just don't like them
2. Kale - I shouldn't say I won't eat it, but I'm SO over the kale trend. Unless it's doused in cheese it tastes like grass to me. 
... that's kind of it! I eat almost anything! 

Four of my favorite foods ...

1. Chopped italian salad (I've posted many photos of it - I eat it about 3 times a week at least)
2. Creamy pasta 
3. Steak grilled to perfection
4. A really good club sandwich

Four TV shows I like to watch ...

We got rid of our cable and my beloved DVR (tear!), but I hate to admit now that we have two kids I haven't really noticed... I used to watch practically every TV show on E! or Bravo. 

Four things I'm looking forward to in 2015 ...

1. Hopefully going on a vacation! I need one ... badly!
2. Summertime! I think it'll be so much fun this year since Owen will be 1.5 and able to do more
3. Sleeping more. Thank GOD Owen is sleeping so well now. The first 9 months of 2014 were pretty sleepless. 
4. Experiencing more with the kids. With Owen being older it'll be fun to explore new things he'll enjoy!

Four things I'm always saying ...

1. "Lila, what's Owen doing?" Often said while I'm in the kitchen getting dinner ready and they are playing in the living room. 
2. I need to reheat my coffee - I always have to reheat it about 10 times before I'm finished
3. Where are my keys? I always lose them in my giant purse or around the house
4. "Is there a sweet boy in here?" That's what I always say when I peek my head into Owen's room in the morning. Now he's always standing there and starts waving when he sees me - it's SO sweet! 

So there you go! Learn anything new? Ha!

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