Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites!

It's the last Friday before Christmas - eeek! I'm excited and feel like I have a lot to get done! There are menus to plan, cookies to bake, presents to wrap (I'm going to for last-minute so my wild kids don't rip them open early), and lots more fun to be had. It was a SUPER crazy week at work this week to top it off, and I'm definitely ready for some serious R&R this weekend.

Saturday we have our "Goodall" Christmas! I ordered a special "Buche de Noel" cake from our local French bakery. I've always wanted to make one, but ... let's be honest. Mine would look less like a "yule log" and more like ... a brown ... anyway.

Here's what we've been up to this week!!

+ Walking! Owen is SERIOUSLY trying to walk. He'll stand on his own and take 4-5 steps before he decides it's quicker to crawl. He's so proud of himself too that he gets the biggest smile. It's SO CUTE. I have a little video on my Instagram if you want to check it out. I LOVE this age he's at too. He's such a sweet boy!!

+ Earlier this week I shared some Christmas brunch ideas. Do you cook for the holidays? I'm still not technically sure if I'm hosting anything or not yet, so I'm feeling a bit unprepared, however, nothing a quick trip to Costco can't fix. I'm thinking prime rib is a must for Christmas dinner ...

+ BFFs. Lila and Owen have been playing a lot more together and it's so cute to see them play while I'm making dinner, folding laundry etc. I walked into the living room the other day to see them "playing library" - Lila was the librarian and Owen "was the naughty boy being too loud." Ha! But she "read" him a book and he was so into it. I am soaking it all in now, hopefully sibling bickering doesn't start anytime soon ...

+ Pizza + Cake. I mentioned this week has been crazy at work, so there was a lot of this ...

And even a little bit of this!!!

+ Red. Do you wear red? I always used to stay away from it but now I love it! Even beyond the holidays. I have a red blouse I've been wearing a lot lately, and I just picked up this red collar-less blazer from Old Navy. It was 40% off and it's been a fun bright jacket to wear to work.

Have a great weekend!!! I'm hoping to sleep in (ha!), drink lots of coffee, wear my slippers and have an amazing weekend of family events!


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