Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's been a lovely week around here (minus our TV breaking! Ugh!). I can't believe it's mid-December already! I have so many more things on my "festive" to-do list I hope I can fit them all in! Still to come ... seeing the Christmas ships, making our gingerbread houses, and various fun family activities.

This weekend we're hosting our annual "Ugly Sweater" holiday brunch/white elephant gift exchange. I'm making a bunch of tasty treats and making my first batch of Christmas cookies tonight! It's always hilarious to see what people wear, and the white elephant exchange always has some amazing prizes (for those that don't know, "white elephant" equals gag gift, or something goofy or random laying around the house). Last year we ended up with the moose glasses from Christmas Vacation (that Eddie drinks his eggnog out of), which to me isn't a gag gift! I drink out of them proudly! 

Here are my favorites to close out the week ... 

+ Lila's Preschool Concert. There is nothing sweeter than a bunch of 2-5 year olds singing Christmas music. They had all the little girls wear angel crowns and the boys wore star crowns. All of the songs had little hand motions that went along with them. They sang several songs and recited two bible verses. Lila sang her little heart out and was so proud, waving at us in-between songs. It was hard not to get a little teary! It was so sweet! And you have to hand it to their amazing teachers. I don't know how they teach that many kids songs, hand motions and verses! The church was pretty dark so I only got one picture as they walked to the front. 

+ Seasonal Reading. I looooove magazines as everyone knows and the holiday issues are my favorite! Check out these chic Christmas cookies with edible petals on the cover of Bon Appetit! I could never make those, or I know my husband/dad/brother or some other (likely male) relative would make sarcastic comments. I can, however, adore them from afar.

+ Crockpot Taco Soup. If you're looking for a healthy and easy recipe to fill a weeknight dinner slot, you should definitely try this! It's not the prettiest soup, but it's delicious, healthy and easy. A fabulous combo. 

+ Christmas Cheer Exchange! A special thank you to all the fabulous bloggers who participated in our Christmas Cheer Exchange! I definitely think we need to start doing this for every holiday ;) In case you missed it, I posted what I got here and you can also see the link up that includes everyone else's links! 

+ These two. I'm loving the age the kids are at right now. They play together and are so sweet! Lila wanted to do a "Christmas photoshoot" the other day, so I naturally obliged. She wore her angel crown from her concert. (PS - Lila's decided "I don't like wearing a coat, Mama. I want it to be summer.")

Lila took this picture of Owen and I - not bad!!! 

Have a great weekend!!! xo

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