Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites - Festive Edition!

Happy Friday!! This week flew by, we're already on day 5 of the advent calendar! Which, btw, we have two - a cute Christmas themed one and a Cars themed one (as in Cars, the Disney movie). "Both" are Lila's because according to her, "Owen told me I could open his because he can't talk yet." (umm).

It's been super cold here this week, barely getting above the 30F mark some days! The snow we had last weekend is STILL hanging on, and I don't mind it for once because the roads are clear so it adds a pretty wintery look without being a pain.

Here are my favorites of the week!!

+ Tis the Season! I love having a decorated house, smelling the delicious pine scent as I walk in the door. Seeing the glowing tree and having a festive mantle. I shared my Christmas decor here in case you missed it!

+ New Slippers. Nothing feels more festive than cozy feet by the fireplace. I got these fun little "lumberjack" slippers (as my husband calls them) at Victoria's Secret. SO comfy!!

+ Fun Cocktails! I'm not a huge cocktail gal, but for some reason the holiday season gets me in the festive spirit! I love a good "signature" drink when we're hosting, and Grant made a delicious homemade eggnog cocktail the other day. I'll have to post the recipe for any of you who are hosting parties this month!

+ Snacks! A must-make recipe for your holiday season is "Merry Mix!" I posted this recipe earlier this week. It's the perfect snack for having company over! Throw it in a bowl and you're appetizer is all set. 

+ My Sweet Boy. Owen's 11 months now! Pretty soon he'll be ONE! I can't believe it!! Do any of you have Christmas/early January babies? I'm open to tips on separating Christmas/birthdays in the best way possible! His is Jan. 2, so I could always have his party the weekend after New Year's so the Christmas stuff is mostly put away ... 

+ Toddler Imagination. Lila's been really into playing "Mama" lately. She grabs her fake laptop, talks in a high pitched voice and says things like "Don't cry, I'll be here to pick you up after work." It's so cute! And slightly hilarious to basically see her impression of ME! 

I'm also SO excited to share that I got my Christmas Cheer box in the mail last night!!! EEEK! I was so excited! I can't wait to share what was in it next week!

Have a great weekend!! I'm linking up hereherehereherehereherehere here, so check them out too! 

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