Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Recap

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? We did ... although to be honest, I have the worst cold I've had in YEARS, complete with a hacking cough and smoker voice!! Hoping it goes away quickly, but man, it's the worst to be sick on a holiday, but even more so when I'm trying cook and be excited for the kids.

Before I launch into our Christmas recap, I HAVE to share this ridiculous "throwback" picture of me on this same date last year. It was my due date with Owen!! I was due Dec. 26, and was just HOPING he wouldn't be born on Christmas, but by my due date, I was over it. Look how huge I was! Serious "shelf" belly ... (disregard the ratty hair and PJs. It was my "overdue hormonal preg lady" look.

SO, back to Christmas! Christmas Eve my parents came over for dinner and my mom made a traditional Swedish "glogg" - which is like a warm spiked punch. I was excited until she revealed the ingredients were a whole bottle of tequila, beer (umm ... ), raisins, almonds, cinnamon sticks, orange twists and several spices. Sounds crazy but it was actually so amazing! We'll definitely be having it again next year!

We BBQ a giant prime rib and had an amazing meal! (Naturally, I forgot to take pics!). Then it was time to prep for "Santa." First I had to take a selfie by the tree, naturally.
Lila got a princess "tent" (peek-a-boo from Grant - yes, a 6'5 adult can fit inside too!) and a Jessie doll from Santa, and Owen got Woody (can you tell they are still super into Toy Story?).

Owen also got "Rex" from Toy Story and Lila is playing with new Elsa and Anna dolls!

Peek!! Here she is trying to close the door on me!

It's truly SO much fun to see Christmas excitement through the eyes of your kids! Santa "did" come (despite Lila's concerns), and the kids were SO excited! Owen mainly just played off of Lila's excitement, but it was still so cute.

After presents, I made a giant monkey bread and we lounged around before going to my brother's for gift exchanges with his family and a little cousin time for the kids!

Hope you had a great day as well!!


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