Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What to Wear - Thanksgiving Edition

If you're anything like me I never quite know what to wear to family holidays. You want to be comfortable, but you don't want to look like a total slob. And, for a holiday that's centered around a hearty meal you definitely don't want to wear anything too tight or restricting!

Last year I was 9 months pregnant at Thanksgiving, and while wearing maternity jeans was nice, I definitely won't be doing that this year (sorry, Joey!). 

I tend to go more casual, but it is fun to get a little fancy too, right? So, no matter if you spend the day with family or friends, relatives or at a restaurant, I came up with four outfit ideas for the more casual and more formal affairs.

I like this outfit because it's super casual, but also adds a bit of fun into the holidays with the sassy sweatshirt. Paired with boyfriend jeans, flats and a simple scarf and you're all set! 

This outfit is casual but also a bit more "cleaned up" with the button-down and dangle earrings. I love the maroon tank and dressier hair ribbons. Boots and jeans add an element of comfort. I've also had this Foley + Corinna "City Tote" purse for years now and it's seriously my favorite purse ever!

Thanksgiving Outfit

I love this outfit because the skirt, jacket, booties and tights make it seem more formal, but the stretchy-waist skirt from J. Crew factory is SO comfortable (I have it in black!) that it doesn't feel like you're in anything stuffy. I also LOVE a good tassel necklace and heart studs! 

Thanksgiving outfit

American Eagle Outfitters purple dress / Aéropostale nylon stocking / Sole Society high heel boots / Danielle Nicole clutch / Kate spade watch / Kendra Scott rose gold jewelry / Fresh nude lipstick

What do you prefer to wear for the holidays? I would love to know!! I think I may lean toward either #2 or #4, but since I'm doing most of the cooking maybe option 1, ha!!

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