Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Ready!

It's Friday!! Thank goodness. Let's just say this week started off on the wrong foot. Both kids had colds over the weekend, and Sunday night Lila woke up in the middle of the night twice - covered in puke. Poor thing. Nothing worse!!! SO, needless to say, she stayed home on Monday and Tuesday, and Grant and I both had crazy weeks planned at work so we both worked from home to tag team taking care of the kids in-between conference calls. Thankfully, she recovered quickly and went back to school on Wednesday and none of the rest of us have more than a simple cold.

Here are my weekly highlights!

+ My Sweet Girl. Being home sick is no fun. Here she is showing how she feels... 

+ Working from Home. I'm so thankful that both Grant and I have jobs where we can do most everything remote. I normally go into the office everyday, but sometimes working from the couch with a giant coffee, in a plaid shirt and leggings is a nice little treat. 

+ All Things Thanksgiving! I posted all Thanksgiving-themed items this week, including our Thanksgiving Menu (including recipes!) ... these Gruyere/chive popovers are one of my favs!

Thanksgiving day outfit options, both casual and dressy ... 

 And some of my family's holiday traditions both new and old. Check them out! I'd love to know what your Thanksgiving traditions and festivities are!

+ Trying to Walk. Owen has really been only wanting to stand and "cruise" along furniture and his toys! He's even trying to take a step or two! He's so proud of himself!

+ Christmas Pose! How did Lila's preschool know I was obsessed with Christmas!? Her school pictures came back this week and I was overjoyed to see they included a Christmas pose!!! And I love the little dress-up beads she insisted on wearing too, so sweet. 

This weekend we're having a "Friends-giving" celebration - a full Thanksgiving meal with friends and we all have babysitters so I'm really looking forward to it! Have a great weekend!! I'm linking up hereherehereherehereherehere here, so check them out too! 

PS!!! Today is the last day to sign up for our Christmas Cheer Blogger Exchange!!! You'll be assigned another blogger to send a box of Christmas goodies to and you'll get one in return! Then we'll feature all on a link up! It'll be so fun! Email me (littlegoodiesblog at, or read Astleigh's post with all the details! If you already signed up, keep your eye out for an email with your assigned recipient! 

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