Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Menu

When I was a child, every Thanksgiving we had an early dinner with my parents, cousins and grandparents, followed by everyone going ice skating! Then we'd return home and have turkey sandwiches. It was such a fun tradition I'll always remember, and the ice skating was a good way to not feel so stuffed after a big meal. I think mainly it was so my grandma could get everyone out of the house while she cleaned up, but it was fun for us nonetheless.

Since I got married six years ago and we started to make our own traditions, we've always hosted both of our families at our house for Thanksgiving. We are lucky to have both of our families live very close, and while initially it was a bit daunting to host such an important meal (no Clark Griswold turkey, please!), it's now one of my favorite traditions!  And while we have traditional menu items we always have, every season I scour the November cooking magazines and check out all the new recipe ideas.

So, I present to you, the Goodall family Thanksgiving menu! 

Appetizer - my family tradition has always been to have shrimp cocktails before dinner. They are light, refreshing and we love it! We simply add finely diced celery to the bottom of a small cup (honestly, we usually use the clear plastic ones for this given so many other dishes, but I've also done them in martini glasses to look extra chic!), top with shrimp, then top with cocktail sauce and add a cracker as a garnish. Easy and delicious. 

1. Rosemary Citrus Turkey - One of our unique Thanksgiving traditions - we BBQ our turkey! It tastes delicious and frees up valuable oven space. Plus, since it's BBQ'd, the men love to ooh and ahh over it outside, keeping them out of the kitchen :) To prepare, we brine ours for a couple days, then rub with olive oil, coarse sea salt, rosemary and stuff the inside with whole lemon and oranges with a few holes poked in them. It's delicious! 

2. Homemade Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest - Growing up we always had canned cranberry sauce, sitting perfectly formed on the platter, still shaped like the jar. Then I realized how easy it is to make your own! I highly recommend this recipe, it's easy and the orange zest adds a delicious flavor. Also, I always make this in advance so it's easy to whip of the fridge before dinner. 

3. Popovers with Gruyere & Chives - When I was a novice chef (OK, I still am, ha!) there's no way I would have attempted making my own rolls, but I started making these a few years ago and they are now a requested family favorite. If you haven't had or made popovers before, this recipe is SO good! I make them a bit in advance since it's a two-step process that ruins them if you aren't careful, but not too early that they are cold by dinnertime. 

4. Make-Ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes - One of my Thanksgiving tricks is to make as much in advance as possible. I make my mashed potatoes on the morning of Thanksgiving and then throw them in the crockpot on low until dinner's ready. One less thing to worry about and the crockpot keeps them nice and warm! 

5. Artichoke Parmesan Stuffing - This is one of Sunset Magazine's "top stuffing recipes ever" and for good reason! The artichokes keep it extra moist and it's now another family fav.

6. "24-Hour" Layered Salad - OMG. This is my absolute FAVORITE thing my Mom made as a kid, and is still my favorite thing she makes to this day. It's called "24-hour" salad because you're supposed to make it 24 hours in advance so the flavors blend. Even though it's a salad, it's terrible for you, but it's SO GOOD. My mom makes this for every special occasion our family has ever had (and even brought a batch over to me when each of the kids was born!). If you're looking for a decadent salad, this is a must make. 

6. Crispy Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus - No description needed, but this is a fun way to serve traditional asparagus. Not really in season now, but if you can get it, a fun side dish for sure!  

7. Brussels Sprouts Gratin - I haven't made this recipe before, but it looks too good not to try! Yum!!!

8. Creamy Baked Orzo with Goat Cheese - I normally make a side "pasta" dish of some sort (since carbo-loading is apparently the norm on holidays). Sometimes it's baked mac and cheese, sometimes wild mushroom risotto, but this year I'm going to try this baked orzo. 

Dessert!!! Who's still hungry!?

This year we're eating early so everyone can lay on the couch (in a food coma, of course) in time to watch our beloved Seahawks play at 5:30 pm. We normally always have pumpkin and another pie option. 

I would love to know what your food traditions are!! Please share! I'm also linking up here today for a holiday link up party that'll feature everything from Thanksgiving decor, recipes, and more, so check it out!!

PS -  I by no means make all of this myself! I delegate for sure! But this a fun sampling of all of our favorites and I hope you enjoy too! xoxo

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