Friday, November 14, 2014

Thankful for Friday

perfect combo - sunglasses and a scarf! 

Happy Friday!! It's been a sunshiney and COLD week around here lately, and it's my favorite fall weather! The crisp, cold air, the fall leaves and the gorgeous sunshine are the perfect combo! We have Z-E-R-O plans this weekend which I'm excited about. I'm hoping to lounge and decorate the house for Thanksgiving.

Here are some of my favorites for the week!

+ These faces. I posted earlier this week on my Instagram on their different food preferences. Lila would seriously eat chicken strips/nuggets every night if I let her. She's good about eating fruits/veggies too, but chicken nuggs are seriously her favorite. Owen on the other hand? He scoffs in the face of "kid" food and instead prefers to eat food even some adult palettes wouldn't enjoy! He ate a bowl of quinoa chili last week, and here he is eating a garlic herbed pasta. 

+ Thankful. Yesterday I shared some of the things I'm thankful for this holiday season. I love this holiday season!!

+ New Recipes. We always host both of our families for Thanksgiving. It's crazy but I love it. Every year, I always buy ALL the November cooking magazines and decide early which new recipes I want to try. This year we're also having a "friendsgiving" so it'll be a good place to trial anything I want to make for the main event. Randomly, one of the recipes I'm most excited about wasn't from a cooking magazine, but from InStyle! Brussel Sprouts Gratin. I'm telling myself the healthiness of the sprouts offsets the heavy cream and bacon ... 

+ Down time. With two crazy kids, it's a whirlwind every day and by the time they go to bed I'm ready to collapse. Instead of jumping right into bed, I've been trying to have a bit of down/quiet time every night to enjoy a little chamomile tea with lemon. It's calming and I've found myself sleeping better as a result! 

+ Sweater Season. Do you have a favorite article of clothing? I recently posted about a new sweater I've seriously been wearing ALL THE TIME. And it was under $20. 

+ My Husband. He's so cute. I had to laugh when this showed up the other day. One of the neighbor girls was selling magazine subscriptions a few weeks back, and I wasn't aware Grant had picked one out! I'm guessing the readership of this mag isn't too high, but I shouldn't laugh because having a handy husband is one major perk!!

+ Christmas Cheer!!!! If you're a blogger and you want to give and receive a festive box of Christmas Cheer this season, email me for details!!! 

Have a GREAT weekend!!! 

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