Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rain Check

In Chicago this week, Monday was a sunny day, but by Tuesday, the "windy city" rains blew in. Because I was attending a work conference, I needed to look professional and not like a water-soaked dog when I arrived. I also have the kind of hair that instantly frizzes with even a drop of moisture. What do you wear when it rains? In Seattle, it's a Northface rain coat with hood. While functional, that's not really "work cute" if you know what I mean ... here are some looks I think would be cute. 

Isn't this Kate Spade "Rain Check" umbrella so cute? Plus, the exaggerated cover of these types of umbrellas make them harder to blow inside out if it's windy. 

Rainy Day

Here's what I ended up wearing. A crisp white button-down, high-waisted black skirt (with convenient pockets!), black tights, black mary janes and a camel coat. My coat does have a hood, but I opted for a polka dotted umbrella. 

I also think these outfits are cute. Can Kate do any wrong!? I think not ... 

What do you wear in the rain? Umbrella or rain coat? I'd love to know! I'm linking up herehereherehere and here, so check them out too!

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