Thursday, November 6, 2014

Owen at 10 months

As of Sunday our sweet boy is 10 months!! Part of me is sad it's going by so quickly, but the majority of me is loving it - the newborn stage seriously stresses me out. And the age he's at now is my favorite baby age!! Their little personalities shine through and he's just the sweetest boy. He and Lila are truly BFFs as well, which is so cute. He's changed so much already since his 9 month update so it's been fun to document it here so I can look back and compare.

Here's what Owen's up to lately ...

Weight | Last we went to the doctor he was about 19.5 lbs! Definitely getting harder for Mama to lug around! The funny thing is, I compared Lila and Owen's height and weight stats from when she was 9 months and they are VERY close in both! Owen was 19.5 lbs, and Lila was 19.2. Owen was 28.5" and Lila was 28.25" - so she was just a tad bit smaller, but very close! I thought that was interesting ...

Health | Well, wouldn't you know it, but after I posted about him not having ear infections for a month, we went to his 9 month check up to learn her had double ear infections again. He'd been fussy, so I suspected, but I also thought it may be his teeth. Poor baby. The worst part is, since he's been on all the various antibiotics, the next phase if he gets another one soon is antibiotic injections, OR, meeting with an ENT specialist to discuss tubes ... have any of you had to deal with those?! Eek! The fact that I'm dreading "cold season" is the understatement of the century ...

Sleep | GOOD! Hallelujah!! I swear, sleep deprivation is the hardest part of having a baby. You truly do not know what it's like until you go through it. There's no other way to know what it's like to have interrupted sleep for months on end. Thank GOD he's been sleeping through the night. He had a few nights of getting up around 10-11 p.m. when he was sick, but no more middle of the night feedings.

Naps | This has been a weird one ... he's been trying to do only one nap, which sometimes works OK, and sometimes fails ... I talked to the pediatrician about it, and she confirmed it's a little early for one nap, but since we can't force him to sleep we just keep trying the second nap and if he doesn't go for it, he gets to play in his crib for a bit. He's taken to entertaining himself in crib - he's started playing "throw the pacifier over the railing and lean over the edge to look for it," as well as "rip the monitor off the wall." Good times! Such a little monkey ...

Food | Still a huge eater - he now eats more for dinner than Lila does. Good lord, I'm already anticipating our grocery bill during his teen years - eek! The other day he ate a GIANT (like a portion I'd serve myself) serving of pesto goat cheese pasta! Such a little foodie! He's now fully "shunned" purees too.

Teeth | He now has both bottom teeth! The second one came in a couple days ago ... so cute.

Interests & Milestones | Now that he can stand, he loves to "walk" along everything (holding onto furniture, etc). He also loves his little walker toy and our little shopping cart. He also loves to explore. Forget his toys - he wants to peek in the cupboards!! He loves opening cupboard doors over and over. He also loves to squeal, wave and clap! He follows Lila everywhere and loves to watch or stand by her no mater what she's doing. The other day she had a little friend over and he was crawling as fast as he could to keep up with them! It was so cute!

We are so blessed to have such a sweet baby boy!! I'm linking up with Thoughts for Thursday, so check it out! 

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